What is Sketch Quote?

Sketch Quote is free tool to help you quickly get the time and cost to laser cut, profile or manufacturing a part from a simple sketch of a DXF, image, photo or freehand drawing.

Why use Sketch Quote?

If you need to respond quickly to clients with a quotation but don't have the time to fully develop the CAD drawing or product in detail, then enter basic information into Sketch Quote for an instant price and manufacturing time. And its free!

How does it work?

Behind Sketch Quote is a fully customizable database with cutting, profiling and travel speeds, start times, material weights and costs that can all be adjusted to suit just about any manufacturing process.

Once set for your individual needs then some simple part geometry or actual production times can be entered and a cost for manufacture can be obtained.

Your costs for setup, material and time can be entered allowing for all aspects of production and overheads to be used in the formula for calculating an accurate quote.

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